Created in 2004, the Higher Council for Sustainable Development (CSDD) advises the government by issuing opinions on all measures relating to the country's national sustainable development policy and on the execution of its international commitments. Its mission is to encourage the broadest participation of public and private organizations as well as that of citizens in the achievement of a sustainable society. Designed as a discussion forum at the crossroads of politics, social affairs, economics and science, it is made up of 15 personalities from all walks of Luxembourg society. 


Through the "One Planet Luxembourg" initiative, the CSDD wishes to create a network of common interests around the challenges of sustainable development and unite the community of those who believe that the time has come for politics to take concrete action of these issues.

The Manifesto is the synthesis of the message that the CSDD offers everyone to convince politicians to act concretely during the next electoral term, so that the parties that will form a coalition take into account the demands and themes of the Manifesto in their government program. .

Signing this Manifesto is therefore a form of commitment on your part to contribute to the strength and dissemination of this message.

Each natural person and each organization is free to adhere to this Manifesto. Through its signature, it will testify to the importance it attributes to the challenges of sustainable development in Luxembourg.

For a legal person (organization): the signatory of the Manifesto must be a person having the quality of legal representative of his organization or holds the power to sign on behalf of the organization to which he belongs and to bind it.

To bring the issues of sustainable development, climate change, biodiversity loss, ecological footprint and the risk of an exacerbation of social inequalities in our country to the fore in the political debate and the media, any initiative (individual or collective) in favor of these subjects will count during this election year. You can contribute to this, for example, by organizing round tables and conferences or by participating in events to this end, by articles in the press, public positions, sharing with your network, etc. Every opportunity is welcome to weigh in on the debate and signal to political parties the importance of these subjects for public opinion. 

The name and logo "One Planet Luxembourg" are available for all these initiatives (on request, see next question). Do not hesitate to contact us for this!

A major pre-election event in September with the political parties

The CSDD also calls on all the signatories of the Manifesto to contribute to organize next September a major pre-election debate with the various political parties. This will be an opportunity for them to demonstrate to voters how the political parties intend to integrate these subjects into their government/coalition program and what concrete responses they intend to provide. 

Any signatory of the Manifesto may organize events or take a public position using the name and logo of "One Planet Luxembourg", by making a prior written request to contact@oneplanetluxembourg.lu and explaining the context and details of their project.

Le signataire du Manifeste peut évidemment solliciter à tout moment le retrait de son nom ou de celui de son organisation de la liste des signataires en communiquant sa demande par écrit à contact@oneplanetluxembourg.lu

Vous pouvez envoyer un message au CSDD à contact@oneplanetluxembourg.lu

My name or the name of my organization may be published on this site. I will receive information in relation to the events and actions of the CSDD and One Planet Luxembourg. My name and contact information will not be used for any other purpose.



I/we ask that the demands of this Manifesto be discussed in the election campaign and taken into account in the coalition negotiations that will follow the municipal and national elections.